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Top 50 Savers

Elf Screensavers

Jolly Old Elf Screensaver
Slideshow of St. Nick photos. Complete MP3 sound of Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys and Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Cyndi Lauper & Frank Sinatra. Theme & logos available at www.debbiesthemes.com. EZ install/uninstall.

Snowflake Elf Screensaver
Snowflake Elf Screensaver matches the Snowflake Elf theme. Very cute with Beautiful snowflakes twirling and falling around the Elf. Self Installing. No music.

Elf Movie Saver Screensaver
Wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size, a man raised as an elf at the North Pole is sent to the U.S. in search of his true identity. Free for Windows 95 - XP, fits all screen sizes. Provided by FreeChristmasSavers.com

Elf Winamp Skins

Anime Elf Girl Winamp Skin
A sexy winamp of an anime elf girl.
(233 Kb)

Snowflake Elf Winamp Skin
Snowflake Elf Winamp is the matching Winamp skin to the snowflake theme. Very cute wallpaper background with visulazations done in Christmas colors. Self Installing.

Elf Wallpapers

Celtic Elf Wallpaper
A lovely elf girl and a celtic design. Matching Yahoo! Messenger skin, desktop theme and Internet Explorer toolbar skin also available at .geocities.com/bluefaeryfire.

Lady Elf Wallpaper
both 1024x768 and 800x600 high color wallpapers.
(764 Kb)

Snowflake Elf Wallpaper
Snowflake Elf Wallpaper is the wallpaper only from the Snowflake Elf theme. Both 800 and 1024 resolution included in zip. Instructions on how to set a .jpg wallpaper are included in readme.

Summer Elf Wallpaper
summer elf wallpaper.enjoy

Elf Joyride Wallpaper
An Elf takes a reindeer for a joyride.

Lord Of The Rings - sea elf Wallpaper
lovely wallpaper of the ocean, a ship and of course and elf.. no guesses as to which elf i used for this one!!

Arwen The Elf Wallpaper
A lovely background base on Arwen from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Careil - Elf Au naturel Wallpaper
A delicious elf alone in the forest

Elf Queen Wallpaper
A gorgeous Elf Queen and her friend. Original wallpaper in two sizes 1024x768 and 800x6000.Lak

Fairy Elf Reverence Wallpaper Wallpaper
Beautiful image - Fairy Elf reverence.

Elf Desktop Themes

Celtic Elf Desktop Theme
A lovely elf girl and celtic designs. Matching Yahoo! Messenger skin and Internet Explorer toolbar skin also available at .geocities.com/bluefaeryfire.

Sorceress Elf Desktop Theme
This is a theme of a Sorceress Elf standing in front of her Temple. No Sounds As of yet.

Jolly Old Elf Desktop Theme
Includes all theme elements. Tactful MPEG St. Nick sounds. Matching saver & logos available from www.debbiesthemes.com.
(1703 Kb)

Elf Pricess Desktop Theme
An Irish elf Princess for your desktop. This 1024x768 or 800x600 high color theme includes original screensaver, icons, cursors, system sounds, start and shutdown screens.
(824 Kb)

Snowflake Elf Desktop Theme
Snowflake Elf is my own original wallpaper done up for Christmas time! Music is Burl Ives Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. Font used in the theme is included. Available in resolution sizes 800 and 1024. Self Installing.

Summer Elf Desktop Theme
icons,cursors,sounds included. blue butterfly cursor set created by Linda Anthony

Elf Hotbars

Elf ICQ Skins

Elf Yahoo Messenger Skins

Snowflake Elf Yahoo Messenger Skin
Snowflake Elf is the matching Yahoo Skin to the Snowflake Elf theme. Really fun wallpaper with custom buttons and online and offline user status buttons. Made for the newest version of Yahoo. Will fit on the older versions also. Self Installing.

Elf Outlook Stationeries

Car Cute Elf Outlook Stationery
Stationery In .eml format with midi and scroll.
(124 Kb)

Young Lady Elf Outlook Stationery
Stationery. In .eml format with midi and scroll.

Elf Outlook Stationery
This is such a cute stationery of this little animated Elf waving as he sits on his Christmas Present. Happy Holidays Everyone, Jeanie

Snowflake Elf Outlook Stationery
Snowflake Elf is an adorable Holiday Stationery. With falling snowflakes and Holly Jolly Christmas playing in the background. Embedded Font. Self Installing.

Santa And His Elf Outlook Stationery
Santa Claus is on his way with his reindeer pulling him across the night sky. But Santa doesnt know that his Elf has fallen out of the sleigh and is hanging on to the back of the sleigh. This animated stationery is so funny, all of your friends should enj

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Anna Kournikova Screensaver

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